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How 1GW of grid batteries could see Yallourn coal generator close in 12 months

Victoria is getting a lot of renewables. So much so, that one gigawatt of battery storage could mean it no longer needs the 45-year-old Yallourn brown coal power station next year. Let me explain. Here is screenshot from opennem.org.au of a week’s generation and demand in Victoria in March. You can see the majority of power supplied […]

Solar for Strata

We get many inquiries for solar from families or businesses who are in Strata’s. Here is our guide: We see 3 options for getting solar if you are in a strata: Get solar for yourself. Help all tenants/owners get their own solar together Get a shared solar system Option 1 – Get Solar for yourself […]

For those in Victoria, why you really should get a hot water heat pump

Owner occupiers in Victoria have a current opportunity for 2 or possibly 3 rebates for efficient hot water at the moment. And modern-day hot water heat pumps are a transformative way to reduce energy costs and support renewable energy. This article explains why, and some links at the bottom to help you get one ASAP. […]