Jonathan Prendergast (Director)

Head of Energy Market Strategy

Jonathan is an experienced project manager, engineer and procurement specialist, with over 12 years’ experience in clean energy project developments and investments. He is particularly recognised for working at the forefront of renewable energy procurement strategies and business models. Within Komo Energy, Jonathan leads on work in the energy markets.

He has an extensive commercial and technical knowledge, having managed and advised on projects from feasibility through to implementation. Since 2012, Jonathan has managed innovative energy projects for the UTS as the university’s Consultant Project Manager – Energy, bringing several ‘firsts’ for Australian renewable energy procurement into the UTS portfolio. Johnathan co-ordinated the City of Sydney’s Technical Working Group on Trigeneration and worked as Project Analyst for Bendigo Bank on Renewable Energy and Community Impact investments 2014-16.

Jonathan strives to be a leader in the development of clean energy and is continually working on leading innovative projects and updating his knowledge.