We provide access for everyday people to invest in and own a share of community solar farms. Komo Energy itself has received crowd equity investment via Birchal in 2020. You can see our Annual Reports below.

Investment Ready Projects

Grong Grong Solar Farm

In 2022 we assisted Grong Grong Solar Farm in raising $1.2 million to help fund construction and be owners of the solar farm. This included a crowd raise campaign on Birchal that hit its maximum target of $750,000 in 8 days!

Investment remains open for sophisticated and wholesale investors or investors seeking to invest over $20,000. If you would like to learn more about the Grong Grong Solar Farm and how to invest please use the Contact Page to get in touch.

Goulburn Community Solar Farm

In 2021 the Goulburn community established a Cooperative and raised an exceptional amount to fund the construction of a 1.4 MW community solar farm with 2 MWh battery. The project has also received grant funding as part of the NSW Government Regional Community Energy Fund program.

The projects is currently in construction fund, but may remain open for some additional investment. More information is available here –

Bunyip Community Solar

The Bunyip Community Solar and Storage project will include approximately 1MW of solar and 2 MWh of battery storage. 

The project recently submitted its grid connection application and opportunity for investment will open in the near future. 

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Komo Energy Annual Reports