Mid-scale Solar

Komo Energy provides development and advisory services to the mid-scale solar sector. This work for clients can range from 0.5-5 MW solar and storage projects and occasionally include consulting on larger projects.

Development and Investment

Komo Energy’s project delivery team understands that mid-scale projects require customised solutions. The strategic design of a project, in terms of scale, technology and timing, is crucial to gain investment and see successful implementation.

With a wealth of technical, legal and financial experience in solar and renewables development our team offers a full range of delivery services to ensure your project is construction ready. We can help create the optimal design for your land and finance structure to improve project success and longevity.

Energy Markets

Komo Energy’s deep energy market knowledge helps guide the projects and investments we are working on. This can influence site and technology selection, project design and finance strategies.

This also includes consideration of wholesale, network, retail and environmental markets, alongside financial and competition considerations. Steering our clients towards promising investments and adding value to projects. We have supported many new business models such as PPAs, Virtual Net Metering, crowd equity, community ownership and solar gardens.


Komo Energy provides strategic and commercial advice to renewable energy businesses seeking additional funding sources. We have extensive experience advising clients in preparing submissions for grant funding. Komo Energy can assist your team in devising an application strategy and preparing the grant application.

Development Service Offerings

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Design planning and optimisation
  • Engineering works
  • Contractor tender processes
  • Investment plans
  • Service specification
  • Network planning and applications
  • Project coordination
  • Contractor and supply negotiations

O&M and Asset Management

Komo Energy can help transition your project from construction to full commercial operation. We coordinate the negotiation, procurement and management of technical O&M services, ensure adequate reporting and continually seek optimisation opportunities.

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