Community Solar

How can we help your community renewables projects?

Development Services

Komo Energy is a developer of mid-scale energy assets and has been working with community energy groups for several years in helping to bring renewable projects to life. We understand that community energy groups can be limited by their resource capacity. As development partners, Komo Energy can collaborate and support your organisation through the procurement, financing and development process, including: site evaluation, technology selection, planning and grid approvals, establishment of contracts and procurement of suppliers. Ultimately, our goal is to relieve some of the technical burdens and allow community energy groups to focus their resources where it matters.


We can help prepare your procurement strategy for construction contractor, preparation of quotation documents, evaluation of quotations and negotiation with preferred contractor

Seed Funding

Komo Energy’s unique community solar model enables us to provide seed funding to projects during the development phase. Additionally, in preparing the project for investment readiness Komo Energy can provide strategic and commercial advice to community groups on the most viable sources of project funding. We also have extensive experience in preparing submissions for grant funding and can help your community group develop an application strategy or grant submission.

Campaign Management

We provide campaign support and management to communities raising finance for their renewable energy asset! In 2022 Komo Energy assisted the Grong Grong Solar Farm in raising $750k, making them Australia’s first crowd-equity owned solar farm. Hitting their maximum target in just 8 days, Komo Energy helped manage an intensive campaign process including document preparation, CRM management, EDM campaigns, presentations at events and a webinar series. Komo Energy can connect your community with likeminded Australians looking to invest where it matters. 

Asset Management

Komo Energy truly believes in all the projects it develops, meaning their interest doesn’t end once development is complete. With a wealth of experience in industry standards, contract procurement and energy markets, Komo Energy can provide asset management services to infrastructure owners. Services include management of O&M providers, oversight of solar and battery performance, revenue management for energy and LGC sales.

Energy Market Services

Forecasting revenues for solar farms operating in the wholesale market is quite challenging, and there are many opinions on the topic. Komo Energy’s team have decades of experience working within the Australian energy markets and can help support you and your community in understanding and building an energy market strategy that is viable for your project.

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