Professional Services

Komo Energy is passionate about mid-scale solar and storage and community energy projects. We are willing to back these projects with funding and our time, at risk, to help make them happen.

We are also passionate about working with great partners. We provide advisory and professional services on a consulting basis to a wide variety of clients and sectors, utilising our skills and knowledge from our long-standing experience in the energy sector.

energy consulting

These services can include feasibility studies, solar and storage, energy management, options analysis, demand analysis and report writing.

innovation consulting

Komo energy staff have significant experience on innovation management and are behind several Australian firsts and innovative projects in the energy sector. This requires a particular approach to managing risk and unlocking unseen value.

power purchase agreements (PPAS)

Komo energy have provided PPA advice for commercial rooftop solar financiers and large-scale solar and wind developers. The Komo Energy team have significant commercial experience in PPAs.

community energy

 Komo Energy perform a very involved role on several community energy projects including, seed funding investment, SPV management, development and finance. We also provide advisory and consulting services to community energy groups. This can include feasibility evaluation, options assessments and other advisory engagements.

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