Regional Community Energy Fund Announcement

Regional Community Energy Fund Announcement


Komo Energy supports

Regional Mid-Scale Solar

The NSW State Government has announced the projects that are receiving grants from the Regional Community Energy Fund. Of the successful projects, there are two innovative community solar projects being supported by Komo Energy in 2020.

Komo Energy is working with Community Energy for Goulburn on a 1.2MW AC / 1.8MW DC solar and 400kW/800kwh battery facility at the gateway to Goulburn, with high visibility from the highway and Sydney to Canberra rail line. This facility will provide unique insight into how mid-scale solar and storage can be deployed into local electricity grids. The project also showcases the unique collaborative model between Komo Energy as a development services provider and CE4G as a community organisation working on the funding side.

Komo Energy is also working with Pingala and the Community Power Agency, to establish a mid-scale solar facility in Grong Grong, in the Riverina region of NSW. This facility will be structured as a “Solar Garden”. It will provide an opportunity for renters, people living in apartments and homes with shading issues and anyone else interested in substituting their own roof-top solar investment with a participation in a mid-scale solar farm. This participation will be delivered through on-bill credits– very much like having their own rooftop solar system.

NSW Minister for Energy and Environment Matt Kean said the grants would help communities take control of their energy bills and benefit from the economic opportunities presented by changes in the energy system.

“These innovative renewable energy projects will help to make electricity more reliable and affordable for our regional communities,” Mr Kean said.

Gerald Arends, who heads Development Services at Komo Energy, is excited to see these projects getting off the ground: “It is fantastic to see that our collaborative development approach enables local communities to tap into the expertise required to make challenging projects viable. It enables community groups to focus on local awareness, education and fund-raising and thereby perform their very important part in the transition of our energy market. We also hope to showcase the viability of mid-scale solar as an asset class and its versatility and value in the support of regional communities and the electricity system.”

If you are interested in providing services for this project, or hosting a solar farm in your community, please email [email protected]

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