Webinar: Mid-Scale Solar & Storage for Local Government

Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_7GXLnJc_TseOAl1_cGM5ug

Local Mid-Scale Solar & Storage development and investment is an emerging opportunity for local government to meet their sustainability and renewable energy goals, along with local benefits such as investment and jobs.

But, mid-scale solar can be tricky.

Komo Energy will share its experience, learnings along with time, cost and revenues details of all stages of mid-scale solar and storage development & investment

We feel it is time to share some of our learnings, particularly with regional councils who are becoming more interested in local solar generation to meet their renewable energy goals.

In this Webinar we plan to share:
1. The steps
2. Site selection tips
3. Costs during development, and for construction
4. Different technology selections
5. Commercial structure
6. Consultants and contractors needed
7. Opportunities
8. Potential for Community Energy involvement

$45 registration fee applies

Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_7GXLnJc_TseOAl1_cGM5ug

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